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Ushuaia is an important port city of Argentinafilled with adventurous destinations for the visitors.Situated below the snowcapped Martial Ranges, the city of Ushuaia lies with a vivid set of steep streets and jumbled buildings. The city offers a wide range of activities to the visitors including sailing, skiing, hiking, kayaking, and scuba diving.Besides this, the city also encompasses a number of museums and historic centers.The Museo del Fin del Mundo and the Museo del Presidio are amongst the popular Museums in the city displaying the astonishing South American Art and Artifacts.

With its rare end-of-the-world status, the resort town of Ushuaia is referred to as the gateway to the enormous Antarctica cruises and other important visits to the nearby island of Isla Yecapasela. The Island is named as the Penguin Island because of its inhabiting of the Penguin Colonies. The prominent tourist destinations in the city include the Glaciar Martial, the Museo Pensar Malvinas, and the Yatana Park. The End of The World Sign on the waterfront is an interesting place where tourist can take pictures and enjoy the delightful watersports.

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