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Situated in the Northwestern part of Argentina, the province of Tucuman is one of the best destinations in the country with a wide range of beautiful and amazing places for the visitors. The city is known as the Garden of the Republic because of its beautiful Gardens, Balconies, and Parks.The springtime illuminates the gardens of the city with some of the mostcolorful and attractive flowers.The region is quite versatile in the sense that it encompasses almost all kinds of impressive landscapes including high mountains, plains, scrubs, woods, forests, and even some desert lands. The visitors can experience a complete and adorable experience in the city, one that lingers.

The region is also quite popular because of its ancient and archeological sites that are chosen to visit by a large number of visitors from all across the globe. The region is also described as the land of sugar cane and the city of San Miguel de Tucuman is the hub of sugar cane production. Furthermore, the region provides a plethora of exciting places to visit including the Historical House of the Independence declaration, Obispo Colombres House, Casa Padilla Museum, the El Cadillal Dam, and the astounding Cathedral.

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