Why Travel With Emirates Airlines?

Established in March 1985, Emirates is the largest Airline in the Middle East. The Airline is based in the United Arab Emirates with its headquarters in Dubai. The chairman of the Airline is Ahmed bin Saeed Al-makhdoom. Operating more than 3,500 flights per week, the Emirates Airline travels to an approximately 150 cities in more than 80 countries worldwide. Over the past 32 years, the Airline has become the fourth largest in the world in terms of carrying passengers internationally. All the operations of the Emirates Airline are stationed at the Dubai International Airport. The Airline has a diverse fleet of Aircrafts out of which the Airbus and the Boeing wide-body Aircrafts are the special ones. Emirates Airline has approximately 80 planes in service and another 57 in orders. The most special Aircraft of the Airline is the Airbus A380—A wide body, four-engine, and double deck Airliner jet.


TravelWideFlights has a cordial and perpetual relationship with the Emirates Airline. You can find the Best Emirates flight deals through our platform. We offer cheap flight tickets to the top continents of the world. The Emirates Airline travels to almost all the countries of our specialization. A very large number of cheap tickets to Africa are sold to the travelers from the United Kingdom.

Cheap Flights With Emirates

The hospitality is unmatchable and the travel is luxurious. The Airline is providing its travelers with in-flight entertainment, comfortable seating, easy dining, and marvelous wine. Moreover, the Airline is offering chauffeur-drive which means that a luxury car will take you to the airport for takeoff and another luxury car will be waiting for you to arrive at the airport of your destination. Therefore, you can expect a relaxed and imperturbable journey by traveling with the Emirates. Contact our team to book your tickets at cheap prices. We can provide proper guidance and assistance for the travel as well.

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