About Us

We at TravelWideFlights believe in the paramount importance of providing customers with value based services. Quality has always been the prime focus of our administration and therefore, we have strived to develop a system of transparency and cost-effectiveness. As retail agents, our aim is to connect and cooperate with our clients to ensure customer satisfaction and facilitation.Our corporation has developed itself from a consumer-suppler organization to a firm known to be the guardian of client's individual interests.
We provide our customers with a wide-range of alternatives in flight deals to the most beautiful and attractive destinations across the top continents of the world including Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, and America. The emphasis is on bridging the gap between the customers and suppliers. Hence, the costs are minimized and quality is ensured. Our operations are governed by three of the most important ethical principles: Reliability; Transparency; and excellence in customer support. We have achieved excellence in our field of endeavor with a commitment of placing your interests on the top of our list.

Core Values

Our corporation follows a set of core values. The ethical values are considered to be the principles of supreme importance and our team members take them very seriously

    1.  Honesty and Integrity
  • The team members of TravelWideFlights have placed Honesty and Integrity on the top of their list. By displaying trustworthiness in dealings, the members of our corporation look to strengthen and proliferate the relationship with their customers. This is the reason why our organization has been able to develop such a tight bond with the customers traveling from the United Kingdom. You will find our team members to me upright, cooperative, and reliable.
  • 2.  Perseverance and Persistence
  • Our team comprises of experts and specialist. The team is fully determined and enthusiastic about the provision of facilities and quality service to the clients. We are available 24-hours in the office for guidance and assistance to our customers. We have capable and hardworking individuals who endeavor to provide quality service with full perseverance and commitment.
  • 3.  Professionalism
  • TravelWideFlights is professional organization and therefore, we have educated our members to showcase a professional attitude at the office. We have a strict set of rules and regulations that are to be followed by everyone, including the administration of the organization. Aberrance from the professional ethics and etiquettes results in disqualification or deduction from the respective salaries. Hence, we champion the core value of professionalism in our offices.


The goals and objectives of our corporation have been associated with the provision of quality services and support to our customers. Through proper guidance and assistance on travel plans, our organization has looked for customer satisfaction and contentment. This is the reason why TravelWideFlights has managed to win maximum customer loyalty. We also appreciate suggestions and recommendations from our valuable clients. Moreover, we have rewarded our clients for their continued customer loyalty by providing cheap flight deals to the top continents of the world.


The prime objectives of the organization are: gauging of client satisfaction and enhancement of our quality services; Communication with the clients on a more personalized level by addressing minor details; Professionality in the dealings with the customers; Double-checking of all the e-products for inclusiveness and accuracy of details; updating customers with the uploading of travel fares, promotional fares, and cheap flight deals; Provide the clients with accurate product details upon an inquiry; make best endures to meet all deadlines and timescales for delivering our products or notification to clients promptly wherever it is not possible; and the rewarding of customer loyalty to the customers whenever possible.