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The East Asian destination of Mongolia is considered as one of the region’s top adventurous destinations offering the explorers, travelers, and voyagers with an astounding travel experience. The destination is known as an amazing place for the purpose of exploration and sightseeing. The famous mountains and peaks in the country are the best attractions for the purpose of enjoying a plethora of amazing activities including hiking and climbing.
The country is known to encompass an amazing range of beautiful and enigmatic jungles that are considered as the paragon of naturalistic exploration. Furthermore, Mongolia is also amongst the region’s most historic and ancient destination with a bountiful preservation of the ancient artifacts and antiquities dating back to the ancient times when the land of Mongolia used to be ruled by the emperors. We at TravelWideFlights bring you two of the top destinations offering an imperturbable visit to the travelers lured in by the beauty of the city. The destinations are mentioned below:

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1. Ulan Bator
The capital city of the country is Ulan Bator which is known as an amazing naturalistic city known to be exquisitely centered around the famous Genghis Khan Square. The monument is a tribute to the renowned emperor and notorious founder of the 13th- and 14th-century Empire of the Mongols. Also in the capital lies the National Museum of Mongolia which is known for its exceptional display of historic and ethnographic artifacts. Also, the restored Gandantegchinlen Monastery of 1830 is another such destination known for the preservation inspirational museums.

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2. Olgii
the Mongolian city of Olgii is a favorite tourism destination for the purpose of hiking and exploration. The city is also home to some of the most amusing parks, blue lakes, and beautiful gardens. Interestingly, for camping and witnessing the taiga, reindeers, and deserts of Mongolia, the tourists can head over to the Khovsgol Nuur as it is the best place to live the Mongolian adventure. Moreover, some very interesting monasteries and deserts can also be found in the town of Kharkhorin whereas horseback riding is the popular sport.

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