Royal Air Maroc set to join oneworld alliance in 2020

The royal Air Maroc set to join OneWorld alliance in 2020. It has been disclosed by the international media that the Royal Air Maroc has been able to come into the terms to be the upcoming partner of the oneworld. In the year-end meeting of the top class airlines in the shape of the British Airways, American Airways and totaled 13 members of the oneworld alliance that took place in the city named New York attended by the chief executives of these airlines, the election of the oneworld member-designate made possible. As the matter of the fact, this recent development took place as the time when the alliance about to celebrates its 20th anniversary since the startup of these alliance.

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In the expected terms, the Royal Air Maroc would highly likely to become the partner to the alliance of the oneworld by the mid of the 2020 that would have the potential to make it fly together with the largest and the best brands of the airlines industry operating in the different parts of the world. As the matter of the fact, the Royal Air Maroc would be the first and foremost member of the oneworld that belongs to the continent of the Africa. Since the inception and creation of this alliance, there has never been any member from the continent who becomes the part of this alliance.
As per the information and desire shared by the Chief Executive of the Airline, it has been mentioned that the company appears confident to provide the services and the favors to the clients and passengers of the world class in nature.


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