Turkish Airlines to transfer all flights to Istanbul Airport on April 6

As the matter of the fact, the Turkish Airlines to transfer all flights to Istanbul Airport on April 6 that has to be taken as the important news taking place for the national carrier of the Turkey in the name of the Turkish Airlines. It has been mentioned to be the fact that the airline would quit all the flights that would have scheduled to reach at the Ataturk Airport on the 6th April of the year of 2019. The reason being echoed by the company behind this move has been the fact that the airline has been undertaking the movement in its operative capacity towards the newly built the Mega-Istanbul Airport. According to the information revealed by the company, it is said that the resumption of the operations of the flights would be taking place from the new Istanbul Airport to the Ataturk Airport at 2 p.m.

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As the matter of the fact, the best part remains to be the fact that the Istanbul Airport is considered to be the world’s new hub which was opened on the 29 October 2018. It was disclosed that the completion of the project would end up catering the needs and the requirements of the 150 million passengers in the annual basis. Operating at the maximum potential, the Istanbul Airport would turn out to be the hub having potential to host beyond 100 airlines together with the more than 300 travel destinations belonging to the different parts of the global village. According to the statistics revealed by the Turkish airline, it was mentioned to be the fact that the total 119,268 local travelers along with the 83,310 global tourists have been able to avail the services of the Istanbul Airport in these 2 months of the year.


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