Cheap Flights to South America

Situated in the Western Hemisphere, the continent of South America is an amazing region known for the Vast Jungles, High Mountains, and Beautiful Waterfalls. The region comprises of a wide range of exotic and enigmatic destinations in over twelve different countries including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay. A large number of visitors travel to the region for the purpose of exploration and research. The Tourism industry of the continent is quite popular with 96.6 million foreign visitors coming to the continent in 2015 for the purpose of tourism and exploring its beauty.

The region also is quite famous for the mysterious islands and jungles. The Amazon Island is one of the most mysterious places in South America and home to a wide range of species. According to the World Tourism Organization, the number of tourists visiting the country are increasing every year and the prediction is that the countries of South America will become the tourist hub of the world in the coming few years. The most popular destination in the continent is the Buenos Aires in Argentina. The city provides the visitors with a plethora of exciting attractions. Other important tourist destinations include the city of Lima in Peru, Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, and the Mendoza in Argentina.

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