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Rio de Janeiro is considered as one of the most beautiful and exciting places in the world. The city was the capital of Brazil in the mid-twentieth century but later succeeded by the planned city of Brasilia. Rio de Janeiro occupies enormous landscapes and is also one of the biggest cities of the country,situated by the sea.The city is visited by a mammoth number of visitors from all over the world and is home to some of the most amazing and auspicious attractions of Brazil. The Beaches of the city are quite popular with their amazing white sand and clear waters. The Ipanema Beach and the Copacabana beaches are amongst the top ones in the city and provide the visitors with a great and relaxing experience.

Furthermore, the city encompasses the most famous peaks of the entire Brazil—The Sugarloaf Mountains and the Mount Corcovado. The peaks are amongst the top visited sites of the country providing the mountaineers and explorers with maximum thrill and adventure. The city is quite famous because of theextensive shanty towns, also known as favelas, in the outskirts. The festivals of the city are among the largest ones carried out in the entire world. The Raucous Festival of Rio de Janeiro is considered to be world's largest and features an amazing set of activities including Costume Making, Samba Dancing, and Parade floats.

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