A brief trip to Chad

The state of Chad is an enormous but land-locked destination with an amazing, diverse, and multi-cultural environment. The Central African country is amongst the top tourist destinations in the region because of its increasingly attractive atmosphere that surrounds your thoughts and belief systems about the African continent. The most Popular attractions in the country include the:

1. Lake Chad
Lake Chad is a famous destination in the country and it was once known to be famous focal point of the salt trade in Africa. At the time of zenith, this particular lake was considered as one of the world’s enoprmous freshwater lakes. Sadly, the worst Sahel drought had caused the lake to vanish completely in the year 1984. Nevertheless, the best part of the lake is experienced in the city of N’Djamena. Also, parts of the lake also reach into the town of Bol throughout the year, making it an alternative city to enjoy fishing and boating.

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2. Ennedi Desert
Another popular destination in the country is the Ennedi Desert. The beautiful canyons of this Desert are known as an extraordinary sight, especially since the nearby Tibesti Mountains are generally off-limits to visitors. Furthermore, the desert also includes a number of attractions including the spectacular slot canyons, primeval cave paintings and enigmatic rock formations. Likewise, the desert is also home to famous but ancient sea arches. The sites are known to date back to the era when the previously discussed Lake Chad was still able to reach out to the water. Moreover, the desert is a great destination for the purpose of gazing at the Nile crocodile and gazelles and the Ennedi is also popular with trekkers and hikers.

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Although, tourism in Chad is a relatively minor industry and relatively less developed with respect to other regional competitors, but most of the travellers are attracted by Chad’s amazing scope for adventurous activities including hunting and hiking spots. Furthermore, the naturalistic tendencies and capabilities of the country are quite prominent; The Zakouma National Park is a perfect example of such inspirational yet determining naturalistic experiences offered the country and it is popularly associated with this Central African state.

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