Enjoy the Desert Camp at Sam Jaisalmer

The Sam Jaisalmer is an amazing tourist destination featuring an amazing collection of luxurious and attractive desert camps. The place is known to attract and lure in tourists from all over the region and the entire world with a range of astonishing and amazing activities in the Sand dunes that are just not experienced anywhere else on the entire planet. The tourists can choose from an exciting range of activities providing an inspirational and thrilling experience to the visitors. Furthermore, the town is also known to have some of the best attractions offering a truly amazing holiday experience as well. We bring you some of the best activities that can be experienced in a bliss of time. Following are the prime activities that Sam Jaisalmer has to offer.

1. Camel Safari
Camel Safari at Sam sand dune is one of the oldest outdoor activity. Here you hire a camel for a one to two-hour safari tour at the desert dunes of Sam. The mid point of this tour is the Sun set point at Sam, which is a perfect spot to grab pictures of all the dunes and an incredible sun set or sun rise.

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2. Jeep Safari
In a jeep safari tour at Sam sand dune, you hire a whole jeep or book a seat in a shared vehicle which will take you 3-4 dunes which are 30 to 60 meter tall. As private cars are not allowed to drive on the sand dunes of Sam, a ride on a Jeep is the only option and it’s quite entertaining.

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3. Night Safari in Jeep
As both camel safari and jeep safari finish around sunset, the desert dunes of Sam still offer some fantastic view after 7:00 PM. That is a ride on the sand dunes and the only visibility is the headlight of the Jeep. Night safari in Sam is a new introduction and is preferred by travelers who are seeking more adventurous tour at Sam, Jaisalmer. You can check our Jaisalmer desert safari packages for more details on how to book a camel or jeep safari tour in advance and what will the fare of these tours.

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4. Free walk at Sam sand dune
And finally, you can plan a walk at the 3-5 km sand dune area of Sam, and there is no entry fee. A good time to enjoy a free walk at sand dunes is from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM or early morning from 4:00 AM to 6:00 AM, as the weather is calmer.

Free walk at Sam sand dune

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