China Southern to leave SkyTeam in January 2019

As the matter of the fact, the China Southern to leave SkyTeam in January 2019 which is certainly the massive and significant news pertaining the Airline. It has been said that the China Southern has decided to make itself leave the SkyTeam. One of the main reasons behind this development has been said to be the fact that the company is certain about the potential rumors prevailing in the market that the Guangzhou driven airline would likely to be joined by the Oneworld. Travel Wide Flights deals you the Cheapest Flights to Changchun China.

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According to the media statement released on the part of the management of the Skyteam, the decision taken by the airline company in the shape of the China Southern would highly likely to ensure the sustainable growth, the strategic enhancement along with the adopting of the ever-changing market structures linked with the world’s aviation industry and market. The alliance has been able to disclose the information that the China Southern ensured that it would not renew its contract designed and took place with the company in the name of the SkyTeam. As the matter of the fact, the China Southern and the Skyteam have been able to decide that they would be working strategically in an attempt to make sure that they is not seamless transformation to the passengers and the most significantly, partners. It has been said that this is the mechanism that will keep running in the upcoming year of 2019 and will get its process done by the end of the year 2019.


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