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Turkey which is officially known as the Republic of Turkey is a Muslim state which gained the rule of democracy after the revolutionary steps of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk for the political independence of the country. However, the historical and cultural valued of Turkey are based on the advent of Mustafa Kamal. Turkey has always been a famous tourist trap and consists of a number of vocational resorts. It is worth of tourism because of the famous buildings with great architectural taste and designs which are the result of artistic tinge in the activities of the kings of the Ottoman Empire. Travel Wide Flights deals with you Cheap Flights to Istanbul Turkey.

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Aya Sofia:

Aya Sofia is more famously known as the Hagia Sophia was a church built under the Emperors of Byzantine and remained a sacred place that had gained great religious importance. After the conquest by the Ottomans, the grand church was converted into a mosque. It was the first mosque where the Ottoman’s first emperor and his army officials offered prayer. The interior of the mosque is beautifully decorated with intricate patterns of art work and montage. There are marble doors and a huge loggia of the mosque with a big green stone in the center that marks the throne of the emperor.
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Blue Mosque:
The blue Mosque was built in the reign of Sultan Ahmed and so is renowned after his name as Sultan Ahmed Mosque. It is one of the glorious identification symbol for Istanbul as well as Turkey. The Mosque has a Madrassah especially for the religious and spiritual education. The mosque is all covered by the Blue tiles which are hand-painted. There is a huge chandelier in the center of the loggia. The lobbies are lined with more than 100 Quranic Books. The magnificent Mihrab is decorated beautifully with jade roses and gilt. This mosque is one of the major attractions for the tourists who visit Turkey.

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Bosphorus cruise:

It is one of the most popular world cruises and provides a perfect set up for the new couples to get on a romantic cruise dinner with an aesthetically irresistible sea views. The sightseeing is organized specially by the Bosphorus Tour Organization. There are superb arrangements of entertainment for the boat travelers and a perfect food management by the restaurants on cruise. The cruise is ideal for a luxurious celebration of a wedding, Birthday or any other party.
The management is fully committed to services and the visitors always spend a great time here.

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Kalpalli Carsi:

It is a market sphere which is considered as the oldest and the largest markets of Istanbul. It is an important part of the cultural heritage of Turkey. It is commonly called as the Grand Bazaar. The traders and the businessmen gain a lot of profits because of the foreign interests and the touristic travel in the Grand Bazaar. One can find almost all kind of things being sold here especially the tradition gold bracelets, antiquely styled furniture, carpets leather goods as well as leather clothes and other unique material for clothing. This market is the beginner for the sale of tea drinks and coffee sale in Turkey.


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