Qantas Airways & Rwandair Cancels All International Flights Amid Coronavirus Fears

Earlier this week, Qantas airways & Rwandair decided to reduce its international flights by 90%. This was done to avoid the spread of novel coronavirus. Australian government instructed all citizens to limit their international travel to avoid being a victim of Coronavirus. Since there is less international demand, Qantas decided to reduce its international flights by 90%. However, just days after this announcement, another one was made by Qantas and Rwandair that they are going to close all international flights. Only the flights scheduled for the late March will be operated so no passenger suffers this unexpected decision.


Coronavirus is spreading and it has greatly affected the airline industry. People are reluctant to move from one place to another. There are many government bans too on traveling; many countries are not allowing citizens from specific locations to enter their international borders. In this situation, there is a drastic decrease in airline passengers. Qantas Airlines has already decided to focus more on domestic markets but has reduced its domestic flights by 60% to cover the deficit. The demand for airlines is very low, and many airlines are on the coast.

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To cover the loss, Qantas already decided to cut down two-thirds of its staff. Out of a total of 30,000 employees, only 10K will be kept for the operations. This is done to ensure that the airline doesn’t get trapped in much loss.


Airlines across the country have decided to ground most of their airlines. Grounding so many airlines requires a huge space. For this purpose, they are in coordination with the government and airport staff to provide them with space for the parking. Some airlines have stopped their operations completely. This was done to save the airline from loss.


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