Etihad Airways Flights Cancellation Because Of Coronavirus

The Etihad Airways flights cancellation because of Coronavirus that has become the pandemic for the world over in the highly worst manner making the lives and operations of the airlines miserable and cumbersome that in turn, forced them to cancel or suspend the operations and the flights to the greatest extent in an attempt to reduce or help contain the spread or prevalence of the virus in the highly effective manner.
Moreover, as the matter of the fact, there are wide ranges of the flights that have been cancelled. This airline is said to have adjusted the services from the region of the Abu Dhabi. As far as Hong Kong is concerned, all the flights have been cancelled till the end of the 30 June. Not only this, the flights to be operated towards the Milan, Istanbul and Beirut are also suspended.

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Furthermore, the most affected routes are said to be the Shanghai, Kuwait, Bahrain and many others. As per the sources of the airline, flights will continue working between Abu Dhabi and the Beijing. Moreover, the flights remained operation from the Abu Dhabi to the destination of Phuket and Bangkok.
Undeniably, the best part remains to be the fact that the passengers traveling between these spots would have to go through the process of an extra screening on the arrival in the region or airport of the Abu Dhabi. The further changes or alteration is highly likely to be taken place owing to the directives of the government.
Undoubtedly, this will take place in the key markets of the airlines in the highly effective manner. As per the airline, the timely priority is being given to guest associated with eminent traveling. It was further mentioned that those get their tickets booked via travel agents must contact their agents. This is because of the possible changes in the airline’s flights or procedure.


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