American Airlines Plane Make Emergency Landing In El Paso

The Flight 1897 that took off from the San Antonio, Texas, to the Phoenix, Arizona, had to face a pretty serious hail storm just about exact 70 minutes right after take-off, due to hail storm the nose of the plane partially crushed and also the windshield was damaged and blinded of the Airbus A319.
The pilot had to was forced to emergency divert the plane to the El Paso International Airport at the very moment and land the plane in the severe weather condition with accompanying all of the 130 passengers on board and the five crew members of the plane at the time of 8:03 PM.
Each and every one landed perfectly safe and no one was fatally injured or harmed in any way, according to the KTXS12.

Not of the any 130 passengers or the 5 crew members on board the Flight 1897 reported any injuries, Thanks to the safely landing skills of the pilot, a spokesperson said from Fort Worth-based airline, though many of the passengers threw up (Vomited).
The spokesperson also added later that aircraft A319 has been currently evaluated for the specified maintenance by the expert maintenance team and we never wanted to disrupt any of our customers’ travel plans what so far and we apologize for any of the trouble that we have caused.

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Another airline spokesman added, said on the Monday, the plane was to be awaited for the repairs on the damaged nose, and severely wrecked windshield panels and also the cockpit side window of the plane.
From the Passengers Jesus Esparza interview, he told the KENS-TV in San Antonio that he saw the bright lightning and then the hail and after the plane dropped down in a couple of seconds just like a roller coaster, which was pretty scary and that he gave his sickness bag to the another passenger sitting next to him who was sicker than him and that person had already used his sickness bag already.
The passengers were helpful with each other and cooperative with the crew and the emergency services.
The American Airlines spokesperson officially said the passengers resumed their trip back to Phoenix on the different aircraft provided in some instance. That provided plane took off from the El Paso airport at sharp 11:46 PM and we hope nothing like this ever happen again, God bless America and the American airlines.


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