Best Places to visit in Cambodia

Cambodia is a beautiful country but is not regarded much in the world so that is why this article we are going to give me some information about this country and the places which will make you enjoy your trip to this country.

Phnom Penh:
This is the capital of Cambodia and it has many histories and palaces from the old centuries, which will attract you. This capital has seen many atrocities in the past and the stains of those times are still in this place. if you love history and want to make your trip memorable and want to know the things which happened here in the past then you can come over here and see the museums and palaces.
Best Places to Visit in Cambodia

Angkor Wat:

This is one of the biggest temples in the world and Based on 162 factors you will see that this place is spread around and can be seen from a long distance. Not everyone wants to visit the temples but if you have the intention of that then you can visit it, enjoy your time, and make it memorable through the pictures. This is a structure and the people who love to see the Civil Engineering can be amazed by seeing this place.

Koh Ker:

This is a temple from 10 century, there is a lot of forest around this temple, and those people who want to visit the temple can visit this place and make their trip memorable and enjoyable. This place also has some attraction towards environment loving people. You will see that this temple is based in the middle of the forest, which makes it more attractive Great sandstones are used in this temple so when you will come to this place then you will know the real beauty this place has.

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Siem Reap:

For knowing about this place you need to research about this on the Google search engine and you will find that this place is also one of the best in Cambodia and the temple based over here is also pictured on the national flag of Cambodia. The ruins of this place will take you to the 9th and 10th century till 15 century. Therefore, you can see that this place has some history behind their back and you will be able to see the past with effectiveness.

Best Places to Visit in Cambodia, Beautiful Beaches In kep, Cambodia

This place is for those people who love to enjoy the seafood and the beautiful view. The villas over here will take you to the French Colonial rule. This has calm water so you will not be feeling any danger and you will be able to enjoy the crab market, which will give you many types of crab to make you feel good.

So you can see that even though this country has many of the things to amaze you but still not many people are coming over here as a tourist and this is why I want that everybody should have once in a lifetime experience by coming to computer and make it memorable

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