The Korean Air and Delta Airlines Joint Advertising Campaign

The Korean Air and Delta Airlines launch joint advertising campaign which ensures to make the significant impact on the international airline industry to the greatest extent. In an attempt to celebrate the first ever anniversary of the joint venture or the partnership that has been taking place between the Delta Airlines and the Korean Air, the airlines disclosed the imperative nature of the joint advertisement campaign that would be going on for the end of the month of the July of the year of the 2019. It has been mentioned to be the fact that the unique or the novel advert ensures the introduction of the wide range of the benefits for the customers provided on the part of the 2 important players of the airline industry that has the potential to represent the countries named as the Korea and the most significantly, the United states.

korean air delta joint venture

As the matter of the fact, this is the campaign that includes the 2 short videos with the first one pertains to the routes of the airlines while the other one is related to the huge range of the benefits for the firms operating in the different parts of the global village. With the help of the partnership agreement, the two airline companies in the shape of the Korean Air along with the Delta Airlines have been able to increase the network and the offering of the numerous options of the schedules for the purpose of facilitating customers and the passengers. The best part remains to be the fact that it would connect around 290 cities of the region of the Americas together with the 80 cities in the continent of the Asia. The companies are seeking out to increase the awareness dedicated to the customers.

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