Ethiopian 777F diverted to Batam on lack of Indonesian clearance

As the matter of the fact, the Ethiopian 777F diverted to Batam on lack of Indonesian clearance. It has been mentioned that the aircraft of the Ethiopian in the shape of the Boeing 777 had been compelled to mark its landing at the international airport of the Hang Nadim airport of the Batam on the day of the 14 January of the year of the 2019. It took place owing to the fact that the aircraft got into the airspace of the country named as the Indonesia without taking the permission in the shape of the over flight clearance. According to the statement issued by the concern authorities, it has been mentioned that the armed forced that belong to the country of the Indonesia declaring that the ET-AVN had been operating the flight from the destination of the Addis Ababa to be able to heading towards the Hong Kong. This whole thing took place when the flight was entering into the airspace of Indonesia illegally.

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Furthermore, it was added in the statement that with the help of the communication that took place air to air, the thing that was concluded is the fact that the cargo aircraft of the Airline cargo was not able to have the clearance of the over flight clearance to be able to overfly the Indonesia. As per the legitimate sources, it was mentioned that the aircraft was forced to the mark its landing on the spot of the airport that turned out to be the Batam Hang Nadim. As the matter of the fact, the flight was said to be operating on the non-scheduled service that took place from the spot of the Ababa to the travel destination of the Singapore.


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