Beautiful Places of Rarotonga

The beautiful places and cuisinesof Rarotonga are;

Muri Beach

Muri Beach:
Muri Beach is a beautiful place as to where there is a light blue water. Mostly on weekend people along with their families spend their times at the beach. People can do boating in the waters. There is greenery all over the place. Within waters there are places constructed as to where people can stay and can enjoy their time. Coconut and palm trees are source of attraction for tourists.  

TeVara Nui Village

TeVara Nui Village:
TeVara Nui Village
is an amazing place. It is the cultural reflection of the country. Alongside of this village there is a lake and peoplecab enjoy their time at the lake. Those people who want to watch out the cultural life of the country must see this place.

Punanga Nui Market

Punanga Nui Market:
Punanga Nui Market
is a place as to where you can find everything of your use. In this market there are big malls and small shops and stalls. Fresh vegetables and fruits can be bought from here. In this market people are also selling vegetables on cars. A person can find different types of cuisines in the market.

aroa beach

Aroa Beach:
Aroa beach is a beautiful place to visit. Alongside of the beach there is lush greenery. Tourists can spend their day time at the beach. Tourists can take bath and can do swimming there. In the winter season people like to take sun bath. Nearby there are hotels and restaurants, people can spend their time at these hotels and restaurants.


It is a cuisine that is made up of raw fish. Coconut milk is used in its preparation along with finely chopped vegetables. Lemon or lime is used to enhance the taste of this cuisine. The use of lemon and vegetables make it more digestive food.  It tastes amazing as specific sort of spices are used in its preparation. Generally local fish are used in its preparation and nearby there are rivers so fresh fish can be bought from market.


Coconut water:
Coconut water if a famous drink of Rarotonga. At beaches coconut water is readily available. A tourist can have a fresh coconut water or a tourist can have bottled coconut water. Apart from coconut water, people can have tropical drinks as well.


It is a cuisine that is made up of taro leaves and it is served with coconut sauce and onions. Such a cuisine is considered to be healthier as of the reason that green vegetables are used in its preparation. It can be taken at breakfast or during the meal time.


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