Beautiful Places To Visit In Winters

Winters are a beautiful weather. Everything becomes ten folds prettier when you have a chilly ambiance and there is no scorching heat and burning Sun. Travel becomes a lot more exciting too. Generally, the ideal time to travel is considered spring but there are places who look the most beautiful in winters.So, here is a list of a few of the most beautiful places to visit in winters. Have a look at these and plan your winter vacations accordingly this year.

Harbin, China:

Harbin is the largest city and the capital of the country’s northern most province. So, it is naturally cold, obviously. The weather is windy and the temperature stays to an average of about 3-4 degree Celsius. The city is extremely beautiful with en-captivating views and magnificent buildings. The city looks like you have entered into a fairy tale especially when it snows. Harbin hosts the world’s biggest Winter Festival which is a special attraction for the tourists. If you’re a big fan of skiing then Harbin is the right place for you, as the country’s best Ski park is located near this city.

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Yamagata, Japan:

Yamagata is often referred to as the Winter Wonderland owing to its beautiful natural snow-covered mountains and landscapes. The prefecture is especially famous for the hot springs and attract hundreds of tourists every year. Zao National Park is not only perfect for skiing but also for sight-seeing. The snow-covered mountain tops look like Ice Monsters and are a huge attraction for the tourists. Fill up your vessel of spiritual energy as you visit the Yamedra Temple on the top of Mount Hoju. A trip to Yamagata in winters will cleanse your soul and refresh your body at the same time.

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Lhasa, Tibet:

Lhasa is indeed a beautiful city lying in the heart of Tibet. The city is surrounded by sky-touching peaks of the Himalayas. The prefecture is famous for its temples. It attracts not only religious people but tourists of all faiths and beliefs from around the world. Lhasa, the capital of Tibet is the perfect place to visit in winters. Owing to the fact that its beauty and magic increase up to ten folds when everything is covered in snow. The Jokhang Temple, Potala Palace, and Drepung Monastery are the top places to visit when in Lhasa.

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Almaty, Kazakhstan:

Almaty is a place that tourists can never get bored of. Tourists visit this place all around the year and the number of tourists increases especially in the winter season. Charyn canyon on the Charyn river in Kazakhstan is fascinating to see. The beauty of Kok Zhailu will take your breath away and the big Almaty Mountain Lake is totally mesmerizing. Visit these and a lot other exciting, adventurous and utterly beautiful places in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Another plus point for visiting Almaty is the delicious local cuisine that you cannot get tired of eating. Almaty is the cultural capital of Kazakhstan and you’ll not have a single bore day while you’re here.

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