Etihad Airways Celebrates 15 Years in Germany

The Etihad airways celebrates 15 years in Germany which should be considered to be the important airlines news that has potential to influence the airlines industry operating in the diverse countries of the world especially those who are the passengers and the seekers of the flights services of the airline in the shape of the Etihad airways. As the matter of the fact, the Etihad Airways has been the national carrier of the country named as the UAE that is celebrating the 15 years of the services it has been able to render to the country in the form of the Germany. It has been mentioned to be the fact that the airlines introduced the daily flights in between the destinations of the Abu Dhabi and the travel spot of the Munich in the year of the 2004. Now, the airline has been serving the flight 5 times in the single day between the Germany and the Abu Dhabi in the best possible manner.


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According to the CEO of the Etihad Aviation Group, it was said that the Germany is the country that has remained to be the key and important spot for the global network of the organization. It was further added that the airline offers the greater number of the flights to the Germany than any other nation belonging to the continent of the Europe to the greatest extent. The best part remains to be the fact that the Emirate of the country named as the Abu Dhabi has been emphasizing on the robust nature of the economic growth together with this airline being the key important player leading the huge volume of the development. In short, it was mentioned that the Germany has been the huge leading force to the growth of this airline.


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