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When you are selecting a new destination place to visit, many of us prefer to go to a place which does not give an environment of our daily life. There is one of the marvelous places with glorious city life and attracts many tourists due to its prominent peaks, international cuisines, warm weather, and sizzling beaches. Yes, that’s none other than the desirable city of Hong Kong. The summers in Hong Kong are humid and hot with occasional thunderstorms and showers with warm air arising from the southwest. Winters are usually sunny at the start and gradually becoming cloudy by February. Spring is mostly mild with the dry and sunny autumn season. Snowfall usually occurs at high elevations and is extremely rare.

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Victoria Peak:
Victoria Peak is situated at the height of 1,811 feet above sea level and it is called highest point on Hong Kong Island. This historic and tall mountain shows a 360-degree view of the city. This peak not only offers beautiful scenes but also has heritage restaurants and beautiful hiking trails. This beautiful peak is a center of culinary creativity with many other few spots that are worth visiting once you are done with all the walking. The summit is a home to different species of butterflies and black kite. There are porcupines and wild boar seen on the mountain along with numerous species of snakes.

Peak Lookout Restaurant:
The eatery at Peak Lookout restaurant was first built in 1901. In 1947 it opened as the Peak Cage, which was later enrolled at the Peak Lookout. This restaurant allows the visitor to capture mesmerizing views of the outdoor terrace with an international menu and historic photos. The restaurant offers a variety of food in its menu and is famous for serving the freshest and fresh seafood in town. The list includes classic western dishes, charcoal barbecue items, Asian favorites and range of Pak Lookout specialties. They offer drinks from a variety of taste from around the globe including wines from Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Germany, USA, and Spain.

Dragon’s Back Hike:
The most popular and renowned hike in Hong Kong is none other than Dragon’s Bike Hike. It is situated on Hong Kong Island and is therefore well connected and easy to approach. At the starting point of the hike, you need to have a smooth drive on the MTR followed by an enjoyable ride on the bus. Further, from there, you need to take a short trip to have a view of the southwest side of Hong Kong. On reaching the top, you can see Big Wave Bay Beach, Shek O Golf Course and Shek O Beach.

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Mandarin Oriental Hotel:
This hotel is located at an almost 3-minute walk from one of the excellent entertainment and shopping areas in Hong Kong. From this hotel, you can enjoy spectacular views of both the vibrant city and Victoria Harbour. This hotel is famous for its Chinese restaurants, Tsui Yin Ting and Man Wah. Tourists can enjoy their stay at the Mandarin Oriental hotel as they give warm hospitality to their clients.


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