An Austrian airline launches retro Airbus A320

An Austrian airline has launched Retro Airbus A320. This airline has launched this retro airbus as a tribute to its flight relationships with New York and Tokyo and company made this aircraft as a celebration for the bond they share with these two countries. So, the first flight of this aircraft, as Austrian airline A320 with registration OE-LBO went to Zurich and landed in Vienna in the evening on 26th of February. It was landed prominently at the parking position Fo4 at Vienna airport. 1980 is the year when Austria airline had started its services again after some gap. So, the design of this new airbus depicts the era of 1980. New York and Tokyo names were given to two aircrafts A310 for glorification of the jubilee of the flight of this airline company. These names were given in 1989.Even nowadays, the flights towards these two countries are the most successful flights from Austria.

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Now, in 2019, this new Austrian airline has launched this new design again, for paying tributes to these two countries. New York has always been there in this flight network of Austria’s red-white-red flag carrier for 50 years, but there was a break in 1970. The flight services of Tokyo with Austria is celebrating its 30th anniversary, though there were also few breaks in the past. Designing this new aircraft was not an easy task either. The body of this specially designed aircraft is of grey color and its tail has flag. It is a red-white-red flag. It took 9 days for the completion of painting of hangar of this aircraft in Bratislava. After the completion of work on this aircraft, it was finally prepared for starting its flight. This idea will further enhance the flight relationships between Austria and the other two countries.


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