Emirates Test Windowless Planes

Looking out of the plain of the window is going to be the practice of past, now windowless planes are the way of the future.
Surely, the scenes out of the window of the plane are amazing when you are passing from the cities like New York, Dubai or even Alaska; the scenes are really breath taking. But it is not like you will not get to see these scenes from the windowless planes you will but just in a different advanced way.
Here’s how,
To describe it simply, the plane will be equipped of high tech cameras outside which will give the 4D screen of the surrounding of the plane to the passengers sitting inside, giving the plane a futuristic view.
There can also be series of benefits from this technology, some major advantages that the windowless planes will bring are,
The structure of the plane is innovative, eliminating windows make the plane structure more sound which can bring less fuel consumption.

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Tim Clark the Emirates president told the Media that just imagine a fuselage with no windows at all but when you sit in there are huge windows and with elimination of windows the aircraft will not have any structural weakness, even the plane will be lighter, it could fly a lot faster, it will consume less fuel and will be able to fly higher.
Moreover, the planes will have more space for seating, the seats will be wider and bigger which will give the customers with more comfortable flight experience.
With this technology, the economy class will be able to enjoy the perks of Luxury class just because of the windowless designs of the planes by Emirates.
This technology will actually make the flights safer for the first time in the aviation industry.


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