The Laptop ban on the Etihad Flights is Lifted by the United States

The US authorities issued a statement on Sunday saying that the laptop ban on the Etihad flights, taking off from the operational base of the Airline—The Abu Dhabi international Airport—Has been lifted.
The United States issued this ban more than three months ago, whereby no laptops or gadgets were allowed on the Aircrafts travelling from the countries of Middle East and North Africa. This ban was also issued for the state of Turkey.


Etihad Airways is the First Airline that has benefitted from this lifting of the ban. The other countries are yet to see the disappearance of the ban. The ban was applied due to some very serious intelligence reports claiming the transit of gadgets, other than Mobile phones, to be dangerous for the security of the United States.
The focus of the US authorities is to force the administrations of the international Airlines to adhere to the rules and regulations specified by the government of the United States. The authorities have promised to lift the ban hitherto the strong reservations made by the office of aviation. Countries like the United Kingdom have also announced such bans on the electronic gadgets traveling to the country.


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