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Livingstone is a city located in the southern part of Zambia. The beautiful city is home to the all famous Victoria falls. The city is considered as an important tourist destination as thousands of travelers visit the town for the purpose of exploration and to witness the dazzling beauty and exquisiteness of the Victoria falls. Zambia became a British colony in the 1890s. Since then, the land has been developed and explored by the people of the United Kingdom. A large number of people from the United Kingdom travel to the beautiful city to witness the monumental art and culture of the town.

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Located near the border with Zimbabwe, the city was discovered by a British explorer named David Livingstone who was the first ever European explorer to the land. The city was later named as Livingstone, in the honor of the British explorer. The explorer was also a member of the London Missionary society and was a very famous British hero of the Victorian era in the 19th century. Being the head of the Zambezi expedition, the British explorer arrived in the area to discover the natural resources of the land. There are different monuments and statues constructed throughout the city which includes a memorial forward-facing and in front of the Livingstone Museum. Moreover, a new statue was built a decade also in the midst of the town illuminated with bright colors and beautiful flowers around the monument.

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Livingstone offers massive excitement and thrill to the people of the United Kingdom. The Culture is rich and welcoming. The citizens of Britain will experience the influence of their forefathers on this African town and the experience will be productive and adventurous. TravelWideFlights will assist the travelers by providing cheap flight tickets to Living stone. Our teams will also provide the travelers with guidance related to the stay in town. The Airlines traveling to Livingstone include Kenya Airways, Air France, Turkish Airlines, KLM, and British Airways. Contact us if you want to experience the cultural and historical richness of Livingstone.

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