The Spice Island of Zanzibar

Zanzibar, also referred to as the Spice Island, is the most interesting tourist destination in East Africa. Consisting of islands, the city provides the tourists with a set of amusement and enjoyment on the go. The two main islands of Zanzibar are the Pemba and Unguja. The latter island is more famous than the former and it is the prime focus of the tourists. The Ungaja island is also called as the Zanzibar city as the other part has a different autonomous administration. Therefore, the city is considered as semi-autonomous.
The city is home to the World Heritage Site located in the stone town which is considered to be the historic center of the city. The main industries of Zanzibar include tourism, spices, and raffia. The Island is popular for the production of natural and mineral spices such as cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg, and cloves. Due to this wide range of spice production and distribution, the island is also considered as the Spice Island.

The Spice Island of Zanzibar - Travel Wide Flights

The Zanzibar Spices and Heritage centre produces and showcases the most rare and famous organic spices of the world. The production of the colorful and premium quality spices is done through a proper production process in the centre. The spices are extracted from the beautiful gardens of Zanzibar, where the aroma of fruits and spices blend with one another.

Zanzibar - Travel Wide Flights

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