Head Over to the Astonishing West Africa

The West African continent is known to encompass some of the world’s best destinations for the purpose of tourism and exploration. The cities and nations along the West African coast are known to cover an array of attractive destinations providing the visitors with a range of beautiful beaches, parks, and safaris. We at TravelWideFlights bring you some of the most attractive West African destinations worthy of being positioned at the top of your priority lists when it comes to the spending of vacations. The best West African destinations are:

1. Guinea
Located in the West African region, the nation of Guinea is one of Africa’s most astounding coastal destinations offering a list of tourist attractions ranging from exotic white-sand beaches to inspirational and ancient museums. Hence, economical flight deals to Guinea are offered by our organization. The country has a long coastline with the Atlantic Ocean in the west and encompasses a list of beautiful cities providing the visitors with an excellent travel experience. In the Southeastern region, the country is home to exceptional Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve. The reserve is amongst the largest ones in the region famous for protecting an entire forested mountain range featuring a list native animals and plants including the renowned viviparous toad and chimpanzees.

Guinea travel

2. Gambia
Gambia is a small but popular West African country. Surrounded by Senegal, the nation is home to a collection of attractive destinations for exploration and enjoyment. The country has a narrow coastline with the Atlantic Ocean and is popular for its charming range of landscapes and eco-systems around the central Gambia river. Furthermore, the parks of the country are home to a diverse wildlife and animal species. TravelWideFlights is thus, offering the clients with cheap flight deals to Gambia. The capital of the country is Banjul, situated on the point where the Gambia River falls into the Atlantic Ocean. The Kiang West National Park is the pride of the city and home to abundant wildlife and natural attractions. In addition to this, the Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve is a special destination in the country with an array of wildlife species including hippos, hyenas, leopards, monkeys, and rare birds.

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3. Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone is a well-known West African country situated along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The country is famous for its exotic white-sandy beaches along the Freetown Peninsula. We are therefore, offering cheap flight tickets to Sierra Leone. The capital city of the country is Freetown, a historic city known to exhibit the epic history of the nation through its historical monuments and buildings including the celebrated Cotton Tree landmark and the popular King’s Yard Gate. The history of these landmarks extends to the 18th and 19th century both special sights were known to be places of refuge for the returned slaves. Furthermore, the famous Bunce Island, during the slave trade, was a key departure point.


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