Escape to the lakes of Valsugana, Italy’s water sport heaven

The travel destination in the shape of the Valsugana offers the great deal of the lakes that are located in the Trentino region of the country named Italy which is the mouth-watering for the tourists and travelers. It allows you to do the hiking with the help of the large mountains and the taking of the fresh air while being surrounded by the natural beauty wonders of the country named Italy. The beautiful picture of the still waters, amazing view of the lake side beaches and the small size thermal spa town that have the things can attract the large number of tourists and travelers of the world.

Sunrise at Lake Caldonazzo:
As the matter of the fact, the visit of this lake would turn out to be magical for you and for the people who are considered to be near and dear ones. You would come across many people who would say that the sunrises at this lake appear to be magical with the surrounding mountains offering the perfect view. It is worth noticing truth that this lake provides you an opportunity to get the early morning view with the beautiful sunrise. As and when the sun gets to its peak at the mountain, the golden glow throws the beautiful spark around the area which has to be quite lovely and mouth-watering. For the many people who come to explore this lake, it is the magical thing and the unmatchable view to be explored for the purpose of doing something good with life. You can have the relaxing and comfortable environment while being surrounded by the peaceful lake with the sunrise taking its place.

Lake of Levico:
It has been the 2nd largest lake along with the lake of the Caldonazzo which is the warmest lakes of Southern Europe in the region of the Valsugana, the beautiful part of the country named Italy. This is the lake which has the total area of the 1 square kilometer along with having the high level of the depth in the shape of the 38 meters. As the matter of the fact, the shores of this lake have been featured by the things called woods that would offer you the opportunity to engage in the activity of the walks in the shape of the picturesque. It has been observed by the tourists and travelers that the lake Levico has been the perfect place if you want to engage yourself in the activity of the fishing. You would be able to get the sight of the wide range of the fish species which are the part of the waters that surrounds this beautiful lake. 


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