The diversity of Melbourne

The diversity of Melbourne has been the well-known reality that makes it the best place to explore the diverse cultures, tradition, and the most significantly, people belonging to the diverse walk of life and background. The City in the shape of the Melbourne houses the most peaceful and the culturally distinctive communities of the world. It has been said that the population of the city named Melbourne is the end product of the people and communities belonging to the diverse parts of the world. What has to be the interesting fact that this city represents more than 140 cultures of the world that ranges from the Europe, Africa and the most importantly, Africa.
According to the historical perspective, it has been said that there were some nationalities that were migrated to the city named Melbourne that eventually led to the growth in the population and cultural identity of the city. On the other hand, there has been recent migration all taking place in the city in the shape of the international students which have significantly contributed to the cultural growth and diversity of Melbourne. Many call this city as the welcoming and peaceful one that has been able to reflect the generous and the multicultural fabric of the society. The diversity of the city named Melbourne has been able to accept the change by respective the different heritage of the diverse communities of the world. This way, the diversity creates the sense of belonging amongst the people and allows them to live the peaceful and harmonious life.

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The city named Melbourne has the multi-dimensional and multicultural history. One would become quite astonished and surprised to see the wide ranging communities living in the different parts of the city with the different occupation and profession living in the happy and comfortable environment without causing harm and damage to one other. As the matter of the fact, the city named Melbourne has been hosting the people who pour into the city from the 200 distinct countries of the world. One can see the people with the different languages used by them that are 233 in total. There are 233 languages that are spoken in this city where there are wide range of the communities live. One of the important facts of this city is the fact that it houses the people with the 116 religion representing them as the whole. In short, there are 116 religions being practiced in the city of Melbourne. Another fact would be that the 66% of the population of this city belongs to the cities and countries other than the Melbourne, which is the cosmopolitan city of the country named Australia. Owing to these fact and figures, the city of Melbourne is famous for being the diverse and multicultural and diverse cultural identity reflecting in the city.


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