My visit to Kuimba Shiri Bird Park

It would certainly be the great adventure to visit the Zimbabwe as it offers the combination of the wide range of national parks filled with the birds, animals and the plants along with the lakes and the mountains. In an attempt to grab the sight of the rarest and treasures bird and animals of the continent of Africa, you should explore this country that will make it the best experience for you. Travel Wide Flights deals with You Cheapest Flights to Harare with Rwand Air.

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Kuimba Shiri Bird Park:

My visit to Kuimba Shiri Bird Park was the unforgettable and memorable experience for me and my friends who accompany me while exploring the country named Zimbabwe. This park is the wonderful platform for the family people that offer the wide range of bird species that exceeds the number 400. It is the Bird park which has remained to be the host for the rarest and the highly treasures birds of the country named Zimbabwe. One of the rarest creatures and birds can be the wide species of the eagles that belong to the continent of Africa. You would love to be felt overwhelmed when you see the wide area of the stunning vegetated gardens along with the lake in the area. This is the park which lies alongside of the Lake Chivero that offers the more than 460 species of the birds. As the matter of the fact, this park was launched around 2 decades ago which has been the only bird park of the country named Zimbabwe. The most important thing you need to know about this park is the fact that it houses the orphaned, abandoned birds and the most significantly the injured ones.

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Lake Chivero Recreational Park:
This is the amazing platform that offers the peaceful and relaxing environment. As the matter of the fact, you would be able to grab the sight of the white rhino, zebra, ostrich, monkey, along with the large range of the nocturnal species. It has been named as the seven best RAMSAR sites with the ability to offer the 400 or more species of the birds. Not only this, you can also with the lakes that are quite exciting and beautiful in appearance. You would be overwhelmed by the surrounding of the trees and the plantations that can make you feel the best moments with the nature. It would give you an opportunity to see the bird species that you have never seen in your life.

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Hwange National Park:
It is the largest and famous national park of the country named Zimbabwe that has the utmost level of potential to offer the amazing wildlife with the huge range of the big safari animals including Big 5. As the matter of the fact, the Hwange has been the highly impressive and beautiful hosting of the elephant that gets the attraction during the season of the dry.


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