A trip to Austria

Austria which is officially known as the Republic of Austria is a country rich in cultural values. Austria has taken a significant influence by the countries surrounding it which include Poland, Italy, Germany, and Hungary. The section of art is worth noticing. Classical and folk music from the music history of Austria still dominates the hearts of the people. Literature has always conquered the minds of the travelers who visit Austria. Theater and the works of architecture is a significant enchantment. The food in Austria comprises Viennese and Austrian unique cuisines. Multiple tourists from all over the world book a tour to Austria every year.

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The Spanish Riding School, Vienna:

The Spanish Riding School has some traditional horses called as Lipizzan horses which are used for the training purposes. The school has many branches however the headquarters is present in Vienna which is a significant tourist attraction. It is not only for public learning, but a visiting view of the activities is also permissible. There are different stages at which the horses are trained. The shape of the ride is in the form of many performances with music at the background that lasts for 20 minutes.

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Melk Benedictine Abbey:

Melk Abbey is a Benedictine Abbey located in the lower areas of Austria. It is present next to the Wachau Valley, and the river Danube flows near it. The building stands on a rocky hill. The abbey is the house to the grave of Saint Coleman of the Stockerau and a few other members of the family of Austria’s first ruling dynasty. The building is a beautiful magnificence and an embodiment of perfect architectural work. The location of the Abbey already provides a stunning background, and the scenery doubles the aesthetic allure of the place!

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Skiing at Kitzbuhel Horn:

It is a Skiing resort in the city of Kitzbuhel, Austria. It is just perfect for skiing and snowboarding. There is a ski route of 3 km and different slopes of a total of 17km. The ski slopes are divided into easy, intermediate, and challenging route levels so that an expert and a beginner can choose their respective routes easily. There are a total of 8 lifts. The Ski resort is open from the start of December till the beginning of April only because this is the suitable weather round the year. The tickets for the mains season also vary in price for the adults, youth and children.

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The Grossglockner Road to Franz-Josefs-Hohe:

It is again a place suitable for ski lovers. The tourists must visit this place if they get a chance to visit Austria! The views about this place have always smashed the last popularity hit. There are different tunnels designed which can ultimately lead the hikers to the preservation area at the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Hohe. There are an information center facility and other facilities like cinemas, a national park, and four exhibitions, one which is a special exhibition. There are an energy room and many other attractions too!


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