Etihad Economy Space seats on A380s in December 2018

As the matter of the fact, the airline company in the shape of the Etihad to launch Premium Economy space seats on A380 in December 2018 that will certainly add fame to its company’s name. The company will likely to launch the premium economy seat to the aircraft in the shape of the Airbus A380 by the end of the December of the year of 2018. The company of Etihad has the plans of launching the extra space seating to the aircraft of the Boeing 777s along with the 787 Dreamliners by the end of the next year. Travel Wide Flights offers you Bargain Fares to Al Ain UAE.

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According to the information revealed by the company in the month of July of the year 2018, the national carrier of the country named UAE, Etihad, and the company has been planning of launching the premium economy to be able to provide the opportunity to the fliers to have the large range of the fares. As per the company statistics disclosed by the management, it has been said that the aircraft has the 20 extra legroom seats with all the eighty seats would likely to be sold at the prices of the premium to the travelers and the fliers who want to have the extra legroom.
One of the significant information shared by the management of the company about the upcoming development that will take place by the end of the December is that the new seats would be having the larger seat pitch with the total size of the pitch, 36 inches.


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