Etihad Airways Named As Most Punctual Airline of Middle East

The Etihad airways named as most punctual airline of Middle East that has surprised the wide range of the airlines that operate in the multiple industries of the global village as it has made it to emerge Etihad airways victories and got the much-needed spotlight or the limelight in the best possible manner. Etihad airways has been the most popular and most famous airline of the United Arab Emirates which has been the most punctual carrier of the Middle eastern region since First 7 months of 2019.

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According to the data released by the concerned and the reliable sources, it is said that the Etihad has been the mere carrier getting the average 80% of the flights with the great deal of the punctuality. The best part remains to be the fact that the Etihad has remained to be on the 24th number in the global area for being able to have the on-time performance in the month of the July. This month was regarded as the peak month for the traveling platforms belonging to the Middle Eastern region of the world to the greatest possible extent. As per the comments expressed by the senior officials of the Etihad Airways, it was mentioned to be the fact that the company offers the highly quality service together with the utmost deal of the reliability. They believe to provide the excellent services for the people who are considered to be the guests for us in the best possible manner. This has been one of the great and the top performing airlines that managed to ensure the arrival within the parameters of the 15 minutes as per the scheduled time framework.


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