Air Arabia is Launching New Route From Sharjah to Kabul

According to the recent news published by the international newspapers and media groups, it has been maintained that Air Arabia has declared the beginning of some of its novice flights that would travel to the city of Kabul, which is the capital city of the country named Afghanistan, from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The introduction of the new flights on the part of the Air Arabia would start operating from the 4th of October, 2018. It would take 2 hour and 30 minutes that will likely to be operated 4 times in a single week with the days mentioned: Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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The flight will be taking off from the International Airport by the name of Sharjah International Airport at the time i.e. 6:40 am and will be arriving at Kabul International Airport at the local time of 9:40 am. The airline named Air Arabia has been dealing with flights that are more than 150 routes of the world taking place from the major 4 centers that are situated in the Middle Eastern part of the world. Travel Wide Flights is providing cheap flights to Kabul, Afghanistan from United Kingdom.

According to the information released by company of the Air Arabia, the CEO said that the new route towards the Kabul would likely to be the unmatchable addition to the airline that would help cater the ever rising needs and needs of the millions of the passengers and travelers who travel from the travel destination of Afghanistan along with the country like UAE and other countries of the region. He further added that the launch of this route would likely to connect the diverse travel destinations along with offering the passengers with the best value for them.


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