Top 3 Waterfalls to Visit in Asia

One ought to explore the top 3 waterfalls to visit in Asia that would be something very unique and beautiful having the edge over other travel destinations of the world. As the matter of the fact, the waterfalls are something that offer the beautiful and lush view of the mountainous areas from which the crystal clear water flows down making the amazing lake in the end. The people who attempt to sit around the waterfall and feel the beauty and relaxation offered by the lake and waterfall are the lucky people of the world. You must have seen many people in your surrounding who are not interested in the exploration of the natural wonders in the shape of the wildlife, safari, national parks, beaches or the islands but they are only interested and love to explore and get the sight of the beautiful and stunning view of the waterfalls. This way, they would be able to appreciate the beauty and attractiveness of the nature that they cannot see in any other part of the world except in the continent of Asia.


It is the waterfall which is located in the western part of the country named Thailand, one of the beautiful and naturally blessed countries of the continent of Asia. This waterfall is colorful which is surrounded by the Erawan national park of Thailand. It offers the stunning and amazing natural environment with the best range of the trees and colorful plantation that followed the falls. These tiers ultimately followed by the ponds which have been filled with the huge quantities of fish. You can simply sit around the waterfall to have the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Travel Wide Flights is offering cheap flights to Bangkok, Thailand from United Kingdom.

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These are the two waterfalls which are situated at the best hills in the shape of the Karst and Trung Khanh. These two waterfalls share the international border with the country of China and Vietnam. It is the waterfalls which are the ideal and perfect travel destination for the one who loves nature and the crystal clear water. It has been witnessed that the waterfalls sometimes turn out to be the huge one and have the large quantity of fall especially in the rainy seasons or winter period of the year. It would certainly be the great adventure for you to witness the natural beauty.

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KAWASAN Waterfalls, Philippines:

This waterfall is situated in Cebu Island which is the part of the country named Philippines. It is the waterfall which is quite accessible if you use the public transport in the shape of the bus and train. It is surrounded by the villages. It is quite famous amongst the local’s inhabitants along with the foreigners owing to its natural attraction in the shape of the colorfulness and lush view of the water fall. Don’t miss the chance to explore this beautiful place of the world or in fact, specifically, of Asia.Travel Wide Flights is offering cheap flights to Cebu, Philippines from United Kingdom.

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