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The city of Chiang Rai is situated in the northern part of the country. The region of the city is quite mountainous with a range of hills and highlands around it. Chiang Raiis considered to be an important tourist destination because of its rich culture, temples, and breath-taking mountain hills. The culture of the city is rich and welcoming. The visitors can expect a delightful experience as the hospitality offered by Chiang Rai is exceptional.

The most visited destination in the city is the Night Bazaar. This Bazaar of Chiang Rai offers the visitors with a plethora of exciting and amusing activities including cultural music and traditional dances. The Bazaar also has a number of restaurants providing the guests with scrumptious Thai cuisines. Furthermore, The Lion Hill is another famous site in the city encompassing the Buddha Cave and a natural hilly way for the visitors to hike. The city has an amazing Saturday Night Walking Street that is worth visiting as it provides the locals with a chance to display their Art, Food, and traditional dances. Moreover, the most visited temple of the city is named as the White Temple located a few miles away from the urban centre.

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