Madagascar Travel Guide

The country named Madagascar is the East African country which is considered to be the beautiful and prettiest country of the world with many of the amazing offerings for the millions of the Europeans and the Asians who love to visit this country in the vacations. This country would help you explore the amazing wildlife along with the rain forest that can make you witness the sight of the lemurs, rain forest, and the most adventurous activities in the shape of the hiking and diving. As the matter of the fact, this country has been the dream travel destination for the tourists and holiday makers who love to engage in the outdoor games and activities to have the maximum level of fun and excitement while accompanied by the best and amazing people of the family. Owing to the incredible and attractive travel destinations, this blog in the shape of Madagascar Travel Guide has to be written to help you know about it. Travel wide flights is offering cheap flights to Antananarivo,Madagascar from United Kingdom.


This country offers the large range of the animals and the plant species that cannot be sought in other parts of the world. You can explore some of the wonderful creatures in the shape of the colorful animals such as insects, turtles, sharks, and the most importantly, humpback whales. As the matter of the fact, the wildlife has been very attractive that would help you have the natural environment in the best manners.

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Excitement on Island:

This country has some of the best beaches and island of the world which are loved and explored by the beach lovers. It has been the 4th largest island of the world which offers the amazing adventures for the holiday-makers. You can get yourself engage in the activities in the shape of hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and the most other things that can make you have the immense level of fun and excitement. Not only this, you would be able to grab the sight of the wide range of the natural pools, beaches and many others things that can help you to be surrounded by the natural and relaxing environment.

Wildlife, Madagascar, Antananarivo, travel, vacations

Parc National de L’Isalo:

This travel destination offers the large areas in the form of 800 Sq Kms that is highly filled with lush view of the scenery, and the amazing rock formations along with the crystal clear pools that are known to be perfect for the purpose of swimming. You can call it one of the amazing travel destinations if you are interested in the activity known as hiking. We are providing direct flights to Antananarivo from United Kingdom.

Wildlife, Madagascar, Antananarivo, travel, vacations

Nosy Be:

This is the island of whose the shore is cleared by the crystal clear water and the fragrant air that makes it the amazing and relaxing travel destination especially if you are the peace lover and wants to spend some time in isolation. This island hosts the wide range of the country beautiful and tourist friendly hotels and the restaurants which would allow you to be surrounded by the beach-goers who are interested in the activities of sailing, scuba diving and many other games.

Wildlife, Madagascar, Antananarivo, travel, vacations


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