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Satay chicken, Typical Appetizer From Indonesia

Satay skewers , a word from China that is translated as “stacked three times” and hence each skewer (traditionally made of bamboo wood) carries three pieces of meat or fish, is a very popular appetizer at Thai parties, Malaysia, China and Indonesia, and whose origins some claim to be in Sumatra or Java and others in China.
There is a similar recipe in Japan called yakitori. Although the recipe may vary depending on which country or region we try it, the base does not change excessively and is recognized not only for its flavor but also for the characteristic color of meat or fish after being marinated with turmeric and curry, among other spices. Satay brochettes can be made from ingredients as diverse as chicken, beef or pork, fish and prawns, as well as places where crocodile or snake meat is used.
This recipe requires a series of ingredients that may be complicated to obtain such as the fermented fish sauce “Nam Pla” or the tamarind sauce, unless we have a store specializing in Oriental products nearby, but it is worth it search. Despite having a large number of ingredients, it is a very simple recipe to prepare.

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Balinese-style liver

After (re)discovering some of the most typical Spanish recipes of these dates, what about a succulent foray into Indonesian cuisine? And for that, nothing better than traveling to one of its most idyllic corners: the beautiful island of Bali, whose culinary tradition brings together the essence of Indonesian cuisine. In particular, what is proposed here is to prepare a delicious liver dish Balinese style.
Without doubt, those who know this fascinating Asian country will not be surprised that food has an almost sacred character. Also, surely they are also aware of the large number of ingredients that come together in your recipe, and that combine with expertise and care.
As in many other Asian countries (such as China, without going any further), Indonesian lunches and dinners are made up of a single dish. Hence the invention of the famous ” Rijsttafel “, consisting of having a rice fountain in the center of the table, surrounded by a large number of different dishes. Next, the recipe is specified to prepare the liver Bali style (the estimated time is half an hour).

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Rijsttafel Or Indonesian Rice Table

Indonesia is a huge archipelago made up of more than 17,000 islands, of which only 6,000 of them are inhabited today. Meanwhile, the typical food of the site, influenced by countries such as India, the Middle East and China, consists of recipes (the vast majority) made with tea, spices, fresh fish and rice, as is the case of ” Rijsttafel “.

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This delicious banquet is made up of many plates of meat, chicken, vegetables and fish distributed in small portions that cover a whole table. Although it has been a Dutch idea, its origins clearly come from the Indonesian cuisine and it has also come to be known as “Makan kissing“.
Of course there are variations in their preparation. However, for anyone who wants to delight Rijsttafel , you should know that the first served is white rice and subsequently, the various cooked around it.


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