Iceland: An Astounding Sustainable Tourism Destination

Other than the famous mass tourism destinations in the world, the European nation of Iceland is truly exceptional as it serves as one of the world’s most famous European countries offering the tourist with a sustainable tourism adventure. The term means that the tourist destinations are mostly naturalistic in the sense that very little change in topography and landscape has occurred.

Eyjafjallajökull is an amazing ice-capped volcano situated in the country and Ever since the eruption of the immense volcano in 2010, the eyes of the world have shifted towards this beautiful destination as Iceland has now become an amazing country whose mystic and stark beauty was long and well-kept as a precious secret underlying some of the top visiting sites of the globe.
After an appreciable amount of time, till now, the country is known to witness an unprecedented and massive rise in the number of visitors travelling from the top continents of the world. This has turned into an amazing trend that hasproliferated, uprooted, and revolutionized the fundamental nature of the Icelandic culture and its basis. But the question here is that, how mammoth is the tourism boom that has taken place? Another question is that will it sustain in the long run.

In the year 2016, the Keflavik Airport of Iceland is known to witness forty percent increase in the number of guests from the previous year. This means that a roughly 1,700,000 travelers visited the island nation. The population of Iceland is only 330,000 and seeing such a rise in the visit truly demonstrates how fundamental the tourism industry has become to the economy of the nation.
Furthermore, on an average record, the foreign tourism growth in the country was seen to increase by an average of 21.6% from the year 2010 to 2015. Also, the overall foreign exchange earnings in the same year, extracted from tourism, witnessed growth from 18.8% to 31%, this is known to coincide with the overall tourism industry overtaking the large aluminum processing industry and fishing industry. Hence, becoming the country’s largest industry.

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