Delta expands pre-select meals program

Delta expands pre-select meals program that has been the recent development in the airline industry. From the 6th of the month of December, 2018, the airline carrier in the name of the Delta would be increasing the meal program by providing the pre-select with the flights and the passengers who travel from the country named USA to some other countries of the continent of Europe, and the most significantly, some parts of the Africa and the Asia. Furthermore, the pre-select is something that is also being on offer to the domestic routes that are available with the Delta airline.

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As the matter of the fact, the passengers and the clients belonging to the eligible markets would be getting the emails by the Delta Airline before three days of the chosen flights and the services of the airline. The purpose of the email would be to get the confirmation from the passengers about their meal that they want to have while traveling and availing the services of the flights driven by the Delta Airline. The passengers just require getting into contact with the Delta airline with the help of the email address. For the people who may belong to any area of the global village wants to have the best food and meal while traveling from one place to another with the help of the Delta Airline, it is the good news that the Delta has started to offer the clients and passengers the best deal of food and meals in the shape of the Protein Box along with the chicken wraps.


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