Air France to close low-cost carrier Joon

The Air France to close low-cost carrier Joon that would go on to help the company attain some of its strategic aims and the goals. It has been mentioned that the company in the name of the Air France is seeking out the ways that can be used to be able to quite its low-cost subsidiary Joon along with ensuring that the employees and staff be absorb into the company which is parent in nature. It seeks to absorb the staff members and the huge range of the aircrafts towards the parent company in an attempt to eliminate the chances and possibilities of the firing or the sale of the aircraft. According to the statement released on the part of the Air France, it has been said that even after making the dramatic impacts on the industry, the brand has failed to bring forth benefits to the passengers, investors and the most significantly, the employees in the best possible manner.

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Furthermore, the carrier of the France added that that plurality of the companies operating in the industry has been causing the scenario complex in the worst possible way along with damaged and decreased the hold and market share of the brand in the shape of the Air France. On the other hand, the statement released said that the currently operating flights of the subsidiary of the Air France i.e. Joon will be highly likely to be operated until and unless the project pertaining to this is finished in the best and effective way that would lead to it being taken over on the part of the airline company in the name of the Air France. This way, the company believes would help it rebuild the bad reputation and brand name of the company.


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