The Prime Tanzanian Destinations

Tanzania is amongst Africa’s most visited countries home to an exceptional range of wildlife parks. The Serengeti National Park is an extremely famous tourist attraction renowned for its array of natural attractions.Also, The Kilimanjaro National Park is another popular destination having a class of its own; This park features some of the highest mountains of the African continent and therefore, it is the most visited tourist destination in the country. Moreover, as the country has a vast coastline, different marine parks are also available for the visitors with a variety of marine life including coral reefs, dolphins, and whales. The country offers the guests with luxurious resorts and delicious cuisines. We at TravelWideFlights have bunched up some of the Prime cities in the country that will provide you an amazing sense of adventure and joy.

1. Kilimanjaro
Kilimanjaro is the country’s most naturalistic destinations offering an exceptional experience with its amazing range of parks and natural attractions. The parks are considered to be amongst the most attractive ones in the region with a large number of people lured in to visit the natural reserves in the park. Hence, we provide economical flights to Kilimanjaro. The Tanzania National Park Authority administers the parks of the region and it has a reputation of providing the visitors with the actual and spontaneous experience from the wildlife and birdlife in the Park. Other tourist destination is the Mount Kilimanjaro which attracts a massive amount of tourism. The name of the region was taken from this mountain.


2. Dar es Salam
Dar es Salam is Tanzania’s most eminent tourist destination where a large number of tourists arrive and depart from the city throughout the whole year. The city is also the hub of the media and television industry of the country. This adds to the importance of the city as a financial center of the country having an important stock exchange. The key places to visit in the city are the National Parks and Safaris including the islands of Zanzibar. Therefore, we are offering cheap flight tickets to Dar es Salam.

dar e salam

3. Zanzibar
Known for its spicy nature, the city of Zanzibar is another popular destination in the country with massive scope for recreations and cultural exposure. The city is home to the World Heritage Site located in the stone town which is considered to be the historic center of the city. The main industries of Zanzibar include tourism, spices, and raffia. Also, we offer cheapest flights to Zanzibar for our customers. So, you can surely add the city in your respective travel plans. The Island is popular for the production of natural and mineral spices such as cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg, and cloves. Due to this wide range of spice production and distribution, the island is also considered as the Spice Island.


We at TravelWideFlights are proud to announce that we have started offering cheapest flight deals to Zanzibar with the top international airlines of the world. The airlines traveling to the beautiful city include the Kenya Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Ethiopian Airlines, and Egypt Air. We are also specialized in providing cheapest reservations in the top hotels and restaurants of the country. Contact us for further assistance.

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