Ethiopian 737-800 undamaged in Ugandan overrun

As the matter of the fact, the Ethiopian 737-800 undamaged in Ugandan overrun that has become the important airline news that was highlighted by the international media in the best possible manner. According to the statistics and news shared by the airline in the shape of the Ethiopian airline, it was said that the Boeing 737-800 escaped the damage when the overrunning took place at the spot of the Entebbe Airport, Uganda. One of the important things needed to be noted is the fact that company and the airline is able to operate the service in the shape of the ET338 from the spot of the Addis Ababa that arrived in the mid night time period of the day dated 3rd of the month of the January. It has been mentioned that the aircraft in the name of the ET-ATV arrived on the runway of the 17 that has the total length of the 3660m.

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On the other hand, the information broke by the data of the weather department, it was mentioned that the Entebbe airport was filled and surrounded by the high degree of the good visibility along with captured by the availability of the cumulonimbus cloud. According to the information of the airline, it was said that the travelers and the clients seated in the aircraft along with crew were properly and effectively deplaned that did not cause any sort of uncertainty or problem for the passengers. Furthermore, it is mentioned that it did not cause any sort of the damage to the aircraft of the company that is the Ethiopian airlines. One could not find it easy to get the other related and relevant information related to the overrun that made the scenario uncertain for the news agency and the passengers.


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