The Greatest Dominica, You’ve Never Heard Of

Caribbean Sea has a number of islands, one of which is Dominica. It has a tropical climate and experiences high rainfall all around the year. It is blessed naturally by the inhabitation of a variety of bird species. It is said that the mid of December of April is the best time of the year to see the island of Dominica. It is designated as the island purely depends on the valued nature that strongly attracts the tourists. The local life of the people here is very interesting and their hospitable nature lets the visitors enjoy here being perfectly comfortable with the people at the same time.

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Nature Island of the Caribbean:
It is located in the south of the Guadeloupe; in the eastern Caribbean. It is truly a dream of a nature lover. The best part of Nature Island is that there is no cost of visit as it is a public place simply adorned by Divine. So this place suits with every visitor’s pocket. There are many features available that the visitors can enjoy. People can adore the views, watch birds and praise the botanical variety and visit the world’s second largest boiling lake. Scuba diving, fishing, and dolphin safaris are great options. One can stay in the nearby well managed guest houses.

It is the capital of Dominica. The city has its own distinct identity with its large concrete buildings with modern intricate designs. The government Hose and the Botanical gardens are a source of inspiration for the visitors as they make the city greener and more beautiful. There are many sports grounds and other recreational facilities too. The city is located in the center of all the main islands and a good connection of roads is built to get easy access to locations. Famous hotel chains are established here which aid comfortable vacations for the tourists.

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Dominica Beaches:

The Republic of Dominica has many islands under it. The island of Dominica has many beaches which are considered as wonderful resort places. Pointe Baptiste located in the northeast has a combination of white and black sand. This is a great option for privacy lovers. Champaign beach is a rocky beach consists of hot springs and bubbly water. Mero beach and the Batibou beach are the populated beaches with a lot of activities to do. Purple turtle beach is great for sunbathing. The other beaches are Douglas Bay and the Rosalie Bay, Salisbury and Scotts head.

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Dominica cuisine:
The nation of Dominica is very distinctive as far as the cuisine and food preferences are concerned. Most of the food is rolled with a creole technique and lots of flavored sauces are used. The local restaurants serve chicken dishes or fries and fish, which is a favorite combination. The use of fruits is seen widely because of its excessive production on the island. These fruits are also used to prepare tasty smoothies which form either the starts or the side beverages with food. The old tea drinking culture is still prevalent in Dominica today.


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