The Best International Airline for over two decades

The Singapore Airlines has become the hallmark of excellence for over the past two decades. This is associated with the fact that the Airline has won the first place in this year’s World’s Best Awards, in the category of the World’s Best Airline.A shocking revelation is that the Airline has been winning this award for the past 22 years.

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The prime reason for this epic achievement is the over whelming response of the passengers.The readers have been giving high scores to the Airline for its amazing performances. The passengers have mentioned that the Airline has provided them with a spectacular travel experience with their Premium Economy class.TravelWideFlightshad a conversation with some of the passengers of the Airline and it was astonishing to know that the Premium Economy Cabins of the Singapore Airlines exceeded the comfort and luxury provided by the Business Class of many of the world’s renowned Airlines.

singapore airlines travel wide flights

The seats of the Air Crafts are 19.5 inches wide and the passengers have more room to extend their shoulders. Moreover, the built-in footrests are increasingly comfortable and a delight to use while lounging. The seat can also recline to an appreciable length and a sufficient legroom is available to the passengers.

Singapore Airlines travel wide flights

Furthermore, the in-flight catering has a class of its own. The scrumptiousness of the Baked Steak provided to the passengers is incomparable. Beside this, the traditional Singapore Meals and delightful cocktails are sure to add more glee in the travel experience of the passengers. Keeping in mind the superiority of the Singapore Airlines, TravelWideFlights is offering cheap Singapore Airlines flight deals. We can also provide our clients with guidance and assistance on the travel plans. Contact us for further queries.

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