Flights To China Are Cancelled By Carriers Due To CoronaVirus

The airborne Coronavirus caused the cancelation of nearly 10,000 Chinese International Flights since the last week according to a report generated by global travel and data analytics expert Cirium.

The Chinese authorities and others around the world have suspended these flights to stop and combat the spread of the deadly virus!

 The statistical analysis by Cirium has shown that 9,807 international and domestic flights did not fly from mainland china since January 23rd. This data pertains to the period from 23rd January till 28th January. And the numbers of canceled flights for the latest day are also available.

The numbers of international carriers, including the UK airlines suspending their flights to and from Mainland China, are growing. The Flagship carrier ‘British Airways’ has deferred all of its 129 scheduled flights from London Heathrow to Beijing and Shanghai, effective from  January 29 until February 29. The cancelation has affected up to 24,000 passengers.

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Furthermore, the Virgin Atlantic has also announced today to suspend all the flights, to and from china from February 2, till further notice. The data analytics of Cirium has shown that nearly 56 of the British carrier’s scheduled flights, along with 11,500 passengers would be affected by the decision until the end of this month!

All these measures have been taken against the World Health Organisation, suggestion – not to impose any restrictions on travel and trade with China. The organization is willing to question and take steps the border closures, isolating the flight passengers who are not ill.


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