Bali Faces the Threat of Volcano Eruption

Mount Agung is the highest point in Bali also popularly known by the term of stratovolcano. This is also known to be amongst the most common kind of volcano. In addition, the mount is famous for forming an amazing array of layers of larva, pumice, and ash cool each on top of each other. This helps in the creation of its typical and steep-sided profile. Furthermore, the larva generated by these typical volcanoes is recorded to have a high thickness with a meaning that it amazingly cools in a short span of time. Also, the lava doesn’t spread quite far. However, the officials of the city have imposed a 12-kilometer exclusion zone surrounding the mountain.


Recently, there is an increasing worry and concern related to a forthcoming volcanic eruption on the renowned Indonesian island city of Bali. This is because of the looming fact that the shallow rumbles from underneath the crust around the Mount Agung are the prime cause of this eruption and are known to stoke fears that the mountain will soon blow its top. This will surely lead to the evacuation of an estimated fifty-thousand people from the countryside situated around the mountain.


So far, according to our sources, the region around Mount Agung is now strictly under the government’s highest level of supervision. The administration has advised all of the communities recommended to leave. Recently, just under 50,000 people have fled to temporary shelters or moved in with relatives. This number is greatly expected to rise to at least 60,000 over the coming days. However, on the other hand, some people have chosen to stay as they are worried about their homes and that what will become of them. Let’s hope everything turns out okay!



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