Holidays at the Philippines

In the Western Pacific in the Southeast Asian region, there lies a huge country that comprises of almost 7,000 islands. There are so many indigenous and local friendly tribes in these islands. The waterfront promenade and the centuries-old China Town is very famous in Manila which is the capital city of the Philippines. If you are willing to visit this country then you must know Basic English or Filipino language to communicate easily around the country. This country has the most beautiful islands that are likable by tourists all over the world. Let’s have a look some of the ways to visit them

Sail between Islands with Tao Philippines:
The Philippines island province of Palawan offers many beautiful and eye-catching beaches. Now, an ethical boat tour meanders wherever passengers want to go, and offers the close look of the village on the water side. The beautiful scenes of the limitless ocean were so breathtaking. Tao Philippines was a company founded in 1995 and was named a holiday company in 2003. The mission of this company is to build a business community where everyone believes in the spirit of the manpower.

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Coron beach:
Coron is the third largest island in the northern Palawan. It is about 310 kilometers in the southwest of Manila. Coron offers various hotels, restaurants, and resorts to stay. One of the best and well-developed resort is the “Sophia’s Garden Resort”. There is also a resort named Coron’s underwater Garden Resort. It is best known and famous for being underwater. In Philippines, people love to visit Coron for Wreck diving. Wreck diving sites include Akitsushima, Kogyo Maru, Okikawa, Olympia Maru, East Tangat Gunboat etc. In the last decade, the ecotourism has exceeded diving as the top draw in the Coron Island.

Crystal Cove:
Near Boracay, there is a private beach which is called Crystal Cove Island. The beauty of this island is because of its two coves and white sand beaches, offering swimming and snorkeling in clear blue water. Crystal Cove Island Resort offers a wide range of activities including trekking, cave exploration, pigeon feeding etc. To go there, you need a boat which leaves from Cagban and Tambisaan. There is also a museum which has a great collection of shells. Everything is preserved with great care to enhance the beauty of the earth.

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Palawan is known as the biggest 5th island in the world as well as it is the largest island of the Palawan. A research in 2016 declared Palawan as the most beautiful island. It has also won the award of Conde Next Traveller. The most beautiful beach in the world, El Nido is also located at the northern tip of the island. There are many things to do including the Scuba diving in El Nido, Ugong Rock Adventure, and to visit Port Barton. You can also see conservation center and wildlife rescue center. Which is a refugee center for endangered and farmed animals. So, it would be very much adventurous for you to visit these places and make your holidays most memorable ones!


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